Presentation – Columbus, OH

“Making a Nation Indivisible: Using Tools, Engaging People and Building Structures To Sustain It”
Transforming Race 2012: Visions of Change
Sheraton Columbus Hotel at Capitol Square
Columbus, OH
March 15-17, 2012

Through a narrative multimedia presentation, including video/audio and PowerPoint elements, this session introduces audience members to people in three very different communities inspired by a long-range vision of racial and cultural integration and inclusive shared prosperity. In each place, people put their forward-looking aspirations into practice on the ground, often after overcoming significant resistance and long-standing patterns of segregation, exclusion and inequality. Our presentation brings viewers inside neighborhoods, schools and government institutions to see what a vision of integration and prosperity looks like in progress. The workshop, developed by One Nation Indivisible, showcases efforts in the following places: (1) Eden Prairie/Greater Minneapolis (school integration, local and state-level efforts); (2) Framingham and Cambridge, Massachusetts (two-way bilingual school/welcoming immigrants); and (3) Omaha, Nebraska (ambitious urban-suburban school desegregation effort, including tax-sharing).

Workshop Participants:

  • Susan Eaton, Co-Director, One Nation Indivisible
  • Gina Chirichigno, Co-Director, One Nation Indivisible
  • Anisa Hashi, Parent, Eden Prairie Minnesota
  • Thomas Harvey, Assistant Superintendent of Student and Community Services, Omaha Public Schools

About the Conference:
Transforming Race 2012: Visions of Change
The Kirwan Institute for the Study of Race and Ethnicity at The Ohio State University