About ONI’s Events

One Nation Indivisible’s public events, community based “strategy sessions” and national conferences help us build support for integration and enhance the power and reach of pro-diversity educators and community builders. Through our events, we connect allies to each other and to a national network of thinkers, strategists and policy experts and by incorporating the wisdom and experience of local educators into national policy agendas.

Strategy Sessions

Each year, One Nation Indivisible hosts two site-specific “strategy sessions” in carefully identified settings. The purpose of these strategy sessions is to bring national expertise, experience and academic research to bear upon and support local efforts that have the potential to be powerful examples of community building and constructive responses to racial diversity. At strategy sessions, ONI facilitates the collective design of action plans that will support or enhance current efforts at both the local and national levels.

Past Strategy Sessions

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ONI Presentations

To help us move stories about integration and the values underlying those efforts into popular discourse, ONI’s co-directors participate in conferences, panel discussions, community forums and classroom presentations. With equal effort, we search for venues through which the people whose efforts we are documenting can tell these stories in their own voices.

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National Conference on School Diversity

This conference, sponsored by the National Coalition on School Diversity, brings together a wide range of government officials to converse with educators, civil rights advocates, and scholars who support racially and economically integrated K-12 public schools. The conference provides an opportunity to learn about racial and socioeconomic integration incentives in current and proposed federal policies, regulations and spending programs. Panelists and audience members share information about existing efforts to sustain quality integrated schools and stable communities.

  • 2012 ConferenceAdvancing the Legacy of Mendez and Brown: National Conference on School Diversity (May 17, 2012)
  • 2009 ConferenceReaffirming the Role of School Integration in K-12 Public Education Policy: A Conversation Among Policymakers, Advocates and Educators (November 13, 2009)