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In an effort to support, connect and mobilize people who are building and sustaining racially, culturally, linguistically and economically integrated schools, communities and social institutions, One Nation Indivisible has created a series of resource pages that will help connect you with important ideas and institutions. Our library is organized around real world issues you may be facing, so that you can find exactly what you’re looking for. Please feel free to share your resources with us.

Update (8/2020): Since our project is no longer operating and our website is not being regularly updated, we have removed many of these resources, and instead will refer you to specific organizations/site where you can find more information. 

Why is school integration important?

Racially, culturally and economically diverse schools are strongly associated with a range of short and long term benefits for all racial groups. This includes gains in math, science, reading and critical thinking skills and improvements in graduation rates.  Research also demonstrates that diverse schools are better equipped than high-poverty schools to counteract the negative effects of poverty. Over the long-term, students who attend diverse schools are more likely than students from homogeneous schools to choose diverse colleges, neighborhoods and workplaces later in life.

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My school district is considering a new student assignment policy…

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Where can I learn about efforts to coordinate housing and education policy?

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A few resources:

I want to learn more about interdistrict integration programs…

In addition to the links on the page above, you can contact The National Coalition on School Diversity to learn more about interdistrict integration.

Can you suggest some resources for parents and school leadership interested in equity and antiracism work?