Strategy Session – Hartford CT

“Meeting on Mindfulness/Meditation, Racial Justice and Education Reform”
Breakthrough Magnet School
Hartford, CT
May 3, 2013

On May 3, One Nation Indivisible convened about twenty mindfulness/meditation practitioners, educators, civil rights advocates and scholars (primarily based in MA, CT and NY) to explore the potential implications of a growing “mindfulness movement” on education reform and racial justice efforts in the United States. We learned about and discussed:

  • Efforts to bring mindfulness into various educational settings (including K-12 public schools, after-school programs and professional development for teachers);
  • What the research says about the benefits of mindfulness in relation to challenges commonly faced by students of color and/or low-income students;
  • Whether mindfulness practice might be a helpful tool in reducing unconscious racial bias, privilege, internalized racism and/or in increasing individuals’ capacity to engage in difficult discussions about interpersonal, institutional and structural racial inequality; and
  • How practitioners have attempted to make mindfulness practice accessible to, and welcoming for, people of all racial, ethnic linguistic and socioeconomic backgrounds.

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