Our Stories

Upstream People: Can Nebraska Show a Separate, Unequal Nation a Better Way? by Susan Eaton (2013)

Omaha, NE – A unique regional education model in metropolitan Omaha enables students to leave their homogeneous school districts and experience diversity in an otherwise segregated region.

Precisely the Patch of Earth: In America’s Heartland, Three Faiths Come Together to Share Space, Build Relationships and Create an International Model of Religious Pluralism by Omar Sacirbey with photographs by Matt Miller (2013)

Omaha, NE – Three faiths – Jewish, Muslim and Episcopalian – respond to growing diversity by coming together to share space, build relationships and create an international model of religious pluralism.

Other Stories

Segregation Nation by Sharon Lerner (June 2011, The American Prospect)

Omaha, NE – Omaha’s radical attempt at school integration shows how beneficial diversity can be — and how hard it can be to sustain.

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